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I am planning to apply for my 186 DE. I have three years of full time experience in my relevant field, which is in medium term list. I did my skill assessment with vetassess and they deducted 1 year of my experience and it’s showing 2 years in the letter. 186 DE requires 3 years of experience but it doesn’t say that it should be on the vetassess letter, it just says that you need a positive skill assessment. My agent says that it will be fine as the department will count the three years of work experience I have.

can someone please suggest that will this be fine, as I do have full three years of experience?

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Hi. My Name is shoeib Alsayed.

I am a professional in the work of gypsum and gypsum decorations. I hold an Egyptian experience certificate in my work. I hope to get a good job opportunity in Australia.

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