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Working as a Pharmacist in Australia

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Hi, my name is Ricky. I'm a community pharmacist currently working in the UK. I am planning to move to Australia and have applied for the CAOP exam which I'm sitting at the end of August.


Please does anyone have any advice/resources to help prepare for the exam as I have found the information online very limited. Also, won't be able to get a AMH book shipped to the UK in time for the exam is anyone selling one please? or have a book I can please use for the exam? I am also looking for past papers as I have only managed to find the 1 online . Any help I would really appreciate.

2) Next process

Do we have to complete a full AHPRA form? or have any further information on what to complete next?

3) Supervision practice 

Any advice on supervision practice once in Australia? how to apply for this and how long does it last?

Many thanks, Ricky Hicks.

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