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Updating details for Medicare/ATO but mygov doesnt link?

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From what I understood I can update my details on medicare/ATO online by linking those accounts to a mygov account.

I recently moved to a new address so i decided to make that mygov account, link medicare/ATO so i can update the address, yet when trying to link either I receive "Insufficient details are held by the agencies you have selected for you to prove account ownership using this service. Please contact us to resolve this problem."

I contacted them and from what I understand they just added my mobile phone as both business and home phone to add more sufficient details but that didnt work either.


How am I meant to update my address on either if ATO/Medicare refuse to be linked to the mygov account, especially since it looks to be mandatory and with a deadline.

On a partner visa/BvA atm since I applied onshore and have my interim medicare card in case that is relevant.

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It may be because it’s still an interim card. You may have to do it the old fashioned way and go into a Centrelink or Medicare office for Medicare. 

I must admit I’ve never bothered to update my address with the ATO until I did my tax return each year

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Not sure it's the interim card. I've been having endless problems linking Medicare to MyGov too and I'm on a permanent, newly received one.

After seven (yes) calls to Medicare, Centrelink and MyGov, who have been ping-ponging me to each other, the explanation seems to be that MyGovID lumps my first and middle name together as a first name while ATO and Medicare keep them separate, so my details do not match when trying to link up.

I find it hard to believe that I'm the first guy with a middle name to try to use MyGovID, but that's the best they've come up with so far. Their proposed solution is to NOT use MyGovID and go to a Medicare centre instead to try to sort it out in person (waiting out the lockdown at the moment).

So I'd suggest visiting them in person if you can... any phone/online services have been a massive waste of time for me.

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Was surprisingly easy to fix, medicare phonecall which lead to them adding my mobile phone as work and home phone as well required 24 hours to register since the next day I was able to link it using those manually.

Ato was also surprisingly easy and helpful, asked me some basic questions and then gave me a linking code once he added some extra information and even told me of the non lodgement advice option since I had the previous year overdue since I was told I didnt need to lodge a tax application if i had no types of income (i depend on husband financially), wish someone would have mentioned that I should make a mygov account earlier and link medicare/ato and everything since the only reason I decided to make that was to update my new address everywhere.

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