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Gary H

Sunshine or Goldie

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Hi all, well Covid threw us a curve ball initially was returning to UK/Europe but now staying in Oz happy with the decision. Lived in Cairns 7 years and over it, sold our house in Cairns and heading South. I will be running my own business Mental Health  and remote and wilderness first aid, my wife is a bookkeeper.

Neither of us is interested in an apartment nor paying a premium to live on or near a beach, spent 14 years living on an island so been there and done that.

After a 3 bed house garden and large garage type set up. Just undecided on GC or Sunshine Coast, heard the sunshine is hard for work ?

Any how any input on experience or areas to avoid or live would be great.




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You really are moving a long way South. Sunshine and Goldie are both in Victoria!

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2 hours ago, Gary H said:

Sunshine coast or gold coast

I think Ken was pulling your leg 😉

A year ago it was a no-brainer - SC all the way - but house prices have gone through the roof in the last 12 months. We've just paid 700k for 4 bed/two bathroom place about 7 minutes drive from the beach and the same distance to the centre of Caloundra. You can get a place for half a million if you don't mind living further west, and about 400k for a lego-brick house in Aura - they are so in love with building these days. If what you do is in demand or low paid then you'll get work here, but if it's not then you'll fair better on the Goldie. Personally, if you're not that fussed about the beach then I'd live in Brisbane over the Gold Coast - it has a lot more going for it. There's a nicer class of people there too.

We lived for nearly 4 years in Cairns and we loved it. Cairns has a great vibe and there is tonnes to do on your doorstep. In the end the heat got to us both, which is why we never moved back there (despite receiving several enticing job offers).

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