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Want to move to oz

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Hi folks

after some advice and don’t know where to start! 

me and my fiancé want to move to Australia from uk 

I have a nephew there already with his Australian gf and kids,

I am an IT manager (past 15 years) also qualified barber 

my Partner has an MBA works in sales 

we don’t know where to start or know if we have a chance... when browsing jobs in Aus, they want someone already with a visa.


does anyone have any advice on what options there could be for us? Do we need sponsorship or can we do anything ourselves? Are we best of chatting to a migration agency etc?

I am 40 my partner 32



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At 40, the clock is ticking.   The cut-off is 45, and the whole process takes over a year, so you need to get moving.  

No idea what chance you stand, if any, but the quickest way to find out is to book  a consultation with a good agent.  Try Suncoast Migration or Go Matilda.

Scot by birth, emigrated 1985 | Aussie husband granted UK spouse visa March 2015, moved to UK May 2015 | Returned to Oz June 2016

My new novel, A Dance With Danger, is due out August 2022

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I am an IT Manager but I had to migrate under a Network Engineer using my Cisco qualifications.  You will probably find you need to be registered by a state and work in a regional area. 

You won’t have much of a chance at all at getting an interview without a visa. You will probably find your application will be automatically declined. 

I would speak to a migration agent. The person I used is no longer a agent so I can’t personally recommend anyone. 

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The way forward is to gain a permanent resident visa before you go. This doesn't need a job offer. Australia has a system based on points and occupation. My advice is to speak to a good registered migration agent. 

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