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Things I’d forgotten about the UK...

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On 14/12/2021 at 20:05, ramot said:

First I hope this doesn’t disintegrate into a stupid my Christmas is better than your Christmas nonsense. Christmas can be and should be magical wherever you live.

I grew up in both Germany and Uk, did I compare Christmas with one to the other? absolutely not, i was a child and it was just Christmas, also celebrated in Africa when I lived there, , plus  9 Christmas’s  in a Muslim country, followed by 19 in Australia. The most important thing is they were all different, but also the same, because no matter where you are, the only important thing was getting together with family and friends to celebrate Christmas.

So have a wonderful Christmas wherever you are xM

It's never been the hemisphere I live in which has affected my Xmas. Just whether I'm on my own or where my family are. 

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