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So following a horrific phone call back in March regarding my mum's health I was granted exemption to leave Oz to return to the UK. Thank goodness she is recovering and I am currently living with her and supporting her in that journey. I however left behind my job (who have so kindly let me continue working remotely), my partner and my home. I was granted my 820 visa a couple of days before leaving the country also. 

My question is, as my mum continues to recover i'm beginning to think about my return to Oz. I always knew it would be incredibly hard but I wonder if anyone has managed it and how hard it was? From what I gather as an 820 holder I don't need exemption to get back in it's just getting flights that's the impossible part?

Any advice or shared experiences would be greatly appreciated.

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If you left with a return ticket, the carrier will prioritise your return apparently.  If you left on a one way ticket and are now booking from the beginning again, be prepared to pay for business or first class and they will be less likely to dump you off.   The emotional impact of returning though - whole other ball game, be prepared to cry a lot (in private after you've left) and maybe ask the doctor for some Valium or something else to take the edge off the distress and guilt you may feel.

Good luck, just dont transit via India and you should be OK

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