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James Wilkinson

Insurance - Temporary Skills Shortage Visa

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I have a query that I was hoping someone on here might be able to help me with! I've had a good look online, but really can't make sense of it all or find a single source of information that seems to cover my specific circumstances. Seems odd as I'm sure this must be a situation that effects many people working in Australia!

I am working in Australia on a Temporary Skills Shortage Visa. This Visa requires me to take out insurance cover and I have bought a policy that is tailored to that requirement. Due to my tax bracket and being British (reciprocal health agreement), I also have to pay the medicare levy surcharge unless I take out appropriate insurance. However, as far as I'm aware, the policy I have for Visa purposes is not sufficient to avoid the medicare levy.

I spoke to an insurance company and they said that there isn't one policy that will cover me for both of these things. I just wanted to see if anyone had found a workaround for this?



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