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Things you wish you knew before building

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Love my induction.  My mother in law recommended one when we reno'd the kitchen as the kids would have to make a real effort to burn the house down with it.  I have no issues with burning at all - you do need decent heavy-bottomed pans though, and pans with a large indent for a name brand can cause them to get hotspots and shut down. 

The one thing I wish I realised before doing the reno is that the prettiest stone surfaces aren't necessarily the best choice.  I pretty much clad the entire kitchen in stone and selected a very nice looking surface which unfortunately is very soft and gets damaged easily.  

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11 hours ago, newjez said:

Are you having a range? You do get more to choose from for 1000mm, but it's whether you can fit it in. Our last house had 900mm, and we couldn't find a decent one to replace it with, (not one that was on sale anyway), so we got it fixed, which worked out ok actually.

Gas/electric does give you options if you have a blackout. I find it easier to see what's happening with gas.

No not a range. We can only fit 900mm in the space and I've already shaved a bit off the pantry to fit it in. 

I prefer a gas cook top. Just what you get used to I guess. 

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You should try induction. They also look good, just a flat piece of glass on the bench top , a breeze to wipe clean.  If anything boils over the switch off and you can clean it straight away as it cools very quickly.  They can’t be switched on without a pan on them, easy to control and can have sections that will take a variety of sizes of pans.  I always preferred gas and hated electric/ceramic hobs but induction are so different. 

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So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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