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Hi all. my employer wants to sponsor me for the 186 direct entry visa . I have been waiting long for an invite in 189 and 190 stream but there has been no invites in the last year for accountants.

I have worked for the same employer for more than 3 years full time know as an accountant in the telecoms industry. 

I have most documents from my side all ready - English requirement, degree assessment, work experience assessed, Natti done, professional year completed.

i would like to know what documents are required other than above to proceed with the application.

i would also like to know what documents shall be required from the employers side so that we can start preparing for lodgement. 


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If your employer isn't willing to hire a MARA registered agent to prepare their application, don't even bother. The requirements for the employer are complex and not clearly explained.  If they have never done it before, the likelihood of mistakes is high.   One little mistake and the appication will be rejected.  

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