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From Canada to Australia - Government jobs

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Hi there,


Hi there,

I emigrate from Brazil to Canada 4 years ago. I currently work as Analyst for the provincial government in British Columbia, Canada. I want to learn how to get a Government job in Australia because I am thinking of moving to Australia next year.

1-Do I have to get permanent residency before applying for a government job?
2-Can I apply for jobs from Canada without being an Australian Citizen?
3-Does the Government help with the immigration process?

Is there any possible visa process that I could benefit to get permeant residency from Canada prior moving to Australia? 


* I am currently taking a Master Degree in a Canadian Institution.  

Thank you for your help,
Thiago Vieira


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1. Yes

2. Not government jobs

3. No.

Federal government jobs require citizenship. State government jobs require permanent residence and competition for all of them is fierce. 

I don't think you have much chance of moving to Australia next year for a government job tbh.

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