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Australian and UK Covid Responses

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53 minutes ago, Marisawright said:

Sounds like smoke and mirrors to me.  "During the course of 2021" could still mean most of the supplies won't arrive till after October.  And you note it's only A vaccine for everyone, when we all know we need two jabs.  So nothing much has changed if you ask me.  We might have a decent number of people half-vaccinated by the end of the year.  Whoopee-do.

The bit that sounds like politician speak is:


Are we on track to offer every Australian a vaccine who is eligible during the course of 2021?

What does 'eligible' mean?  Right now according to health.gov.au  it's:



Anyone aged 40 years and over, as well as other priority groups can be vaccinated

But that could change (positively or negatively).  I think this is where there might be smoke and mirrors.


British  | Lived in Australia 2001-02 on 457   | Married Aussie wife & moved back to UK | Plan to return to Sydney 2026 when all kids have finished school

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4 hours ago, parley3 said:

AZ should be discontinued altogether.

Not before my 2nd jab next week I hope.

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2 hours ago, parley3 said:

Pfizer and Moderna are more effective and safer vaccines.

There have been quite a number of clot cases from AZ, people are in hospital, some in intensive care and  some deaths. There is a better and safer alternative.

Also the public have lost confidence in AZ so it will not have the desired result of getting the majority of people vaccinated.


The AZ is confirmed as 92% effective in preventing hospitalisation after two doses (Pfizer is 96%)  You make out it has a poor outcome in terms of the risk of being hospitalised, that’s incorrect.  

If you want to state ‘there has been quite a number of clot cases with AZ’ it would perhaps be a good idea to also state the amount of doses given.  That then gives an honest and fair representative of the situation.  One clot death is one too many of course but the enormous amount of deaths prevented is incredible.  Sadly that means little if your loved one has succumbed to a clot death but it means so much to the great many alive today who otherwise wouldn’t be. 

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9 hours ago, parley3 said:

AZ should be discontinued altogether.

It takes up to 4 weeks after the vaccination for the body to produce effective quantity / quality antibodies
She was just unlucky that she caught covid before her body had time to produce sufficient antibodies to fight off the virus.

Dr Campbell on YouTube has evidence-based lectures on the virus almost every day.
He had one a few weeks ago comparing the side effects of the Pfizer and Astra Zeneca vaccine.
The Pfizer vaccine is not risk free a very tiny percentage of people to get an inflamed heart muscle!
The Astra Zeneca vaccine has very tiny percentage of people who get a blood clot.
Dr Campbell believes that the small number of cases of bad side effects could be caused by
The way the vaccine is administered.


I am not medically trained it is just my opinion.


You can ignore reality but you cannot ignore the consequences of ignoring reality


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