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Quarantine Question - Medical Tests

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Hi all!

Been here a little while and happy to say we have received our 309 Partner VISA so we can fly to Aus. However, it's likely that we have booked a flight that will be during the first-second trimester of my wifes pregnancy. Which means we will likely be in Quarantine during the early stages of the pregnancy.

My question is, does anyone know if you can get blood tests/visiting doctor or analysis done while in Quarantine and/or where I can find more information?

Would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks!

  • Applied 8th May 2020
  • Update Status June 2020
  • Update Status October 2020
  • RFI 19th Nov 2020
  • Update Status Nov 2020 
  • Supplied National Police Check (Sponsor) + Health Docs 26th Nov 2020
  • Stage 1 309 Granted 30th Nov 2020 

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I’m quite sure that if any tests were needed and it couldn’t wait for a week or two then it would be made possible. If a doctor was needed it would be arranged.   Ask your doctor at what stages will any tests be required and try and book your flights around this or any test around your flight. There’s usually very few tests done, especially in the earlier stages so it shouldn’t be hard to work round. I’m sure you can appreciate, being taken to a hospital whilst in quarantine would be a last resort, you are after all in quarantine. Anything urgent/essential would be sorted out though.  It sounds like you are talking about a high risk pregnancy as you’ve mentioned this in another post. If this is the case, you should discuss your concerns with your doctor to make sure a 24 hour flight is safe. In most cases of pregnancy, people wouldn’t even be worrying about the things you are. If their blood test was due in week 12 for example, they’d book their flight for week 13 onwards.  

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