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Citizenship and previous 186 visa

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Hi so if innow have citizenship and am no longer in my 186 visa am I still obligated to work for my employer for 2 years? 
just wondering how that works as once I became a citizen my 186 visa was cancelled? I’m not far off the 2 year mark but I’m just wondering if my employer gets mad which they will as everyone is leaving am I leaving myself open to drama eg can my citizenship be cancelled? Or is this a closed book with them now as I’m no longer on the visa that they sponsored me on? 

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Once you are a citizen all previous restrictions are removed.  You are free to work for who you want.

However I would check your employment contract to be sure there are no clawback type clauses where you have to pay back their costs if you leave within the 2 years.

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Unless DHA eventually finds that you have lied on your initial 186 application (i.e. you had intentions to leave the employer before your visa was issued and they will have proofs of that), you can leave the company even without citizenship granted.

But if they do find your 186 application to be bogus it can put your citizenship application at risk as well, there were some AAT cases (not 186, though) where the current citizenship was canceled because of the previous permanent residency status (basis for a citizenship grant) cancellation.

Occupation: Software Engineer
State: NSW
Birth Country: UA (Ukraine)
Stream: 457 > 186 TRT
Number of applicants: 2 (me and my partner)
Nomination applied:  23rd July 2019
Nomination approved: 19th 
August 2019

Visa applied:  8th August 2019
Medicals cleared: 14th August 2019

S56 requested (NZ police clearance for the main applicant): 20th August 2019
S56 submitted: 21st August 2019
Visa Granted: 24th September 2019

IMMI Status: Finalized

Citizenship application date: 6th November 2020
Citizenship application status: Received

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