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We have been working with fellow UK expats here in Australia for over a decade now on helping them plan for their retirement.

What does this mean and what do we do?

A retirement plan is designed for you based on your desired retirement goals and objectives, for example you may wish to retire at age 65 and with an annual income of $61,909 annually after tax


This is done by firstly looking at your current financial situation to establish what assets (and liabilities) you have such as:

·         Superannuation;

·         Investments;

·         Savings;

·         UK Pensions (defined contribution)

·         Home Loans and other debt


Then your income streams in retirement would be considered, such as:


·         Australian Age Pension (means tested);

·         UK State Pension (not means tested);

·         UK Private Pensions (defined benefit)


A cashflow analysis is carried out to understand if a surplus income exists and your desired Investor Profile is ascertained.

Once done comprehensive financial modelling is conducted so as to determine how things are looking for retirement and whether you are on track or if a gap exists.


Following this appropriate recommendations are made on ways to either fill the gap or boost your retirement wealth and this would be by implementing strategies such as:


·         Making tax deductible contributions to super;

·         Investing to generate greater returns;

·         Possibly transferring UK Pensions to an Australian Super Fund or to an International SIPP;

·         Paying down debt quicker;

·         Spouse splitting superannuation contributions;

·         Changing your investment options so that they align to your correct Investor Profiles;

·         Buying back or topping up years for your UK State Pension;

·         Commencing a transition to retirement strategy with your superannuation money;

·         Reviewing current Super Funds/investments to ensure they are correctly invested and performing well.

·         Reviewing current Super Funds/investments to ensure that the fees are reasonable.


After the initial financial (retirement) plan is constructed we will then work with you to implement our recommended strategies and will review your plan with you regularly to ensure it continues to remain on track and recommending any necessary adjustments if need be along the way.


If you would like to start planning for your retirement and would like to work with a highly experienced and professional adviser then feel free to get in touch ( andrew@vistafs.com.au ). 


Thanks Andy

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Financial Adviser (FPA Member AFP ®) Specialising in UK Expat Advice and Pension Transfers / AR-322874 /AFSL-234951

SMSF Accredited Adviser / UK SIPP Authorised Adviser 

Director  - Vista Financial Services – www.vistafs.com.au 08 8381 7177


Please note that my advice is general advice only and professional financial advice should be sought for your own personal situation.

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