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Childecare leader assessment

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Hi there

i am looking for someone who did the assessment before or agent can help. Thanks a lot. 

i had 8 years group leader teaching experience however i get my qualification (diploma) in my 7th teaching years. 

so can i claim the 7 years experience that before my qualification?

if not, then my current job ( 1 year experience) still enough? And can i ask my co-teacher or year level head to do my employer template? ( as the director retired and only the co-teacher still working in there. 


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Experience before your qualification may be counted in the skills assessment.  However, it does not count towards the requirements for the visa. 

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Thank you so much for your reply. 
so what is the result, success or fail ?

or will mentioned how many experience i had? I am looking for a sponsorship so the first step have to do the assessment.

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