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How Long before you realised that Australia was or was not the place that you wanted to spend the rest of your days ?

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6 hours ago, MARYROSE02 said:

That's true. I guess I'm just not as nostalgic/sentimental for the UK. Curries, fish and chips, pork pies, pork sausages (as opposed to the vile beef ones that Aussies seem to prefer - my one food whinge), "Cornish" pasties - I find the Aussie varieties perfectly adequate, and I prefer Aussie lager style beers to "craft" beers so I have no great desire to find "Ye Olde English pub Down Under". There is a pub Pommie friends raved about in Sydney called, I think The Duke of Clarence, which I did go into once for a butchers but just had OJ,




Definitely well worth a visit. Won the best Sunday roast in Australia just before the covid pandemic hit.

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