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I submitted my ANMAC info 4 weeks ago now, the website states can take up to 7-8 due to COVID and WFH. I've logged into my account today and it just says 'Documents Received, nothing else. Do they update this as they go? Has anyone submitted their ANMAC info recently and received their positive skills assessment so I have an idea on the timeline please? I'm a Midwife currently on the PMSOL list so keen to get this process moving!!!

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Usually (Pre Covid) ANMAC takes around 4 weeks to give a decision on the application. When I applied (Last year), I got it exactly after 4 weeks and same with my friends. But as mentioned in their website now, it could be delayed. And usually they do update the account to "further assessment" (after a CO Contact) and then "finalized" when its done. So just hang in there, it will be coming soon! Wish you Luck! 🙂

Edited by Pooja Negi

ANZSCO-254415, Registered Nurse (Critical care & Emergency)-Offshore

IELTS (L-8.5/R-8/W-7/S-8)-Oct, 2017; Applied in AHPRA- Feb, 2018; Got Referral letter from AHPRA- May, 2018; Did overseas bridging program in NSW: Nov, 2018-Mar, 2019; Did PTE (L/R/W/S-79+)- Jan, 2019; Re-applied in AHPRA- Mar, 2019; Gain Professional Licence as RN- April, 2019; ANMAC skill assessment +ve- June, 2019; EOI initial submission date for 189 & 190 with 70 & 70+5 points- July, 2019.

Updated D.O.E for 189 with 85 points: 05/01/2020
Updated D.O.E for 190 with 90 points: 05/01/2020

Age-30, PTE-20, Edu-15, Overseas work exp-10, Single-10,
State sponsorship-5

PRE-INVITE from VIC -190: 16/01/2020
FINAL INVITE: 24/02/2020
Indian PCC done: 27/02/2020
Medicals Done: 07/03/2020
VISA Lodged: 06/03/2020

Grant: 🤞

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