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Filing a new Onshore Visitor Visa as the current Onshore Visitor visa is due to expire

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My parents entered Australia back in Jan 2020 on 3 months Tourist Visa owing to Covid-19 situation I filed for Onshore visitor visa for 12 months in April 2020 , however they were granted visa only until Dec 20 ( 3 months less from 12 months visa that was applied for).

At this stage if I file another 12 months onshore Visitor visa can i expect this to be granted or is there a constraint that wont be extended beyond Dec-20 ?


Info - I posted another question related to 804 PR earlier which @rammygirl has responded to her response I just want to avoid travel to India so thinking about a visa that would allow them about an year of additional stay in Australia.

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You can apply for another on shore visit visa but not sure how long it will give them.  They were being pretty liberal with these when travel restrictions were at their height, but now there is no reason they cannot return to their home country I’m not so sure. 

I can understand both your and their desire to stay but immigration rules are not very flexible.  If they do return to India or go anywhere off shore I don’t think they will get another visa to return for quite some time.  International borders do not look like they will open for anyone but citizens or PR for many months.

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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