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Are processing times for visas/permanent residency much faster now due to COVID?

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On 20/10/2020 at 04:24, DrDougster said:

Here's Ranjana doing a nursing training course...


This is too funny!!! 🤣🤣

ANZSCO-254415, Registered Nurse (Critical care & Emergency)-Offshore

IELTS (L-8.5/R-8/W-7/S-8)-Oct, 2017; Applied in AHPRA- Feb, 2018; Got Referral letter from AHPRA- May, 2018; Did overseas bridging program in NSW: Nov, 2018-Mar, 2019; Did PTE (L/R/W/S-79+)- Jan, 2019; Re-applied in AHPRA- Mar, 2019; Gain Professional Licence as RN- April, 2019; ANMAC skill assessment +ve- June, 2019; EOI initial submission date for 189 & 190 with 70 & 70+5 points- July, 2019.

Updated D.O.E for 189 with 85 points: 05/01/2020
Updated D.O.E for 190 with 90 points: 05/01/2020

Age-30, PTE-20, Edu-15, Overseas work exp-10, Single-10,
State sponsorship-5

PRE-INVITE from VIC -190: 16/01/2020
FINAL INVITE: 24/02/2020
Indian PCC done: 27/02/2020
Medicals Done: 07/03/2020
VISA Lodged: 06/03/2020

Grant: 🤞

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