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Lynne shenfine


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Hi everyone!


I hope you are all safe and well.

I posted a few weeks ago about the impossible decision. 

We have decided to go for it and head home. Our heads say its insanity but our hearts are screaming to go!

My husband has a job interview on the 7th October for a job in Cardiff. There is a high chance he will get the job.

We know very little about the area other than brief visits. We are relying on future work colleagues to help with good areas and schools etc.

I was just wondering if any of you good people had any advice or tips? 

Schools are our main priority. Our children are 4,7 and 8. Private school would not be an option.

We've heard north of Cardiff is better but otherwise we are clueless!

Any advice or pointers would be so much appreciated.

Many many thanks 

Lynne xxx

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No idea, good luck with it though, we jump across to Wales whenever we can, it's fantastic.

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My parents live in Cardiff Bay. It's a lovely area thats still a bit industrial but lots of new buildings going up and infrastructure. Can't comment on schools but Penarth is beautiful, very village like, beautiful green spaces, the beach, playgrounds, shops, a lovely little high street. I would imagine the schools would be better in this area. Good luck with your move! 

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