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GST and other taxes on 7 years old private car import from UK to Australia

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I am relocating to Australia from UK and want to find out the cost of bringing my car ( 2013 model Mercedes B class car) to Australia.

1.Will I have to pay GST on it?

2.Apart from the shipping cost, what are the other expenses which I should consider ?


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I'm not sure why you'd bother.

A quick Google suggests a 2013 B Class is worth 7-11k GBP.

A similar Google suggests you can buy the same car in AUS for 15-26k AUD

Which makes them pretty much the same price.

You won't get any change out of 5k GBP shipping your car and your car is only just worth that, and it's hardly a rare car that is difficult to pick up a replacement inAUs

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