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22 hours ago, MARYROSE02 said:

I never get bored walking a couple of miles north or south then coming back along the beach. Sometimes I go a little further on the 'G'  the wonderful tram service they have here stretching from Helensvale to Broadbeach (hopefully on to the airport i believe?

@MARYROSE02 have you been down to Burleigh yet? There's a beautiful little walk around the headland (about a mile each way) which is relatively flat, if you walk back the same way...

Avoid weekends though! 🙂 





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Burleigh? No, I've not been down there yet and it is Sunday so I won't do it today. I'll go down there maybe one day this week or next. Twice last week, on Wed and Thursday I got the tram to Main Beach which I'd not done before, and walked along Tedder Ave. I was impressed by it, a lovely little strip of restaurants, bars, real estate agents(!?) and shops. Sort of 'posh' atmosphere. I'd walked up the beach a few times without even finding 'the shops'. A guy who lives in Main Beach told me it is nice but after 8pm or so it goes qiuet. It's been the first part of the Gold Coast other than where I am now on Cavill Ave that I was really taken by. It's a bit further to the beach and the tram stop is across a wide road, still only 3 stops back to Cavill Ave.

It's odd how certain places appeal to me and not others and I know it is subjective because the things I like about Cavill Ave will repel others.


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