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188a - Agent choice and costs?

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Hi all,

Just starting to explore 188a as a way to migrate from the UK to OZ. Currently, we meet all the eligibility criteria... my question is around how best to source a partner/agent to help with the process. I'm sure many are finding it as much of a minefield as we are. Having approached 3 agents thus far, we've had varying degrees of costs ranging from $8,000 right up to $50,000.

Has anyone any advice... or recommendations on agents to help us. Also, an idea of the costs we should be expecting to pay.

Thanks in advance for any help navigating all this!


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I do think having an agent is for the best as they will help and guide you through the process. I made a mistake and went for a company that has probably caused me more confusion. (Nothing I can do now as I signed a contract).

We are paying £480 a month over 5 months, £2400 in total. I'm sorry, I'm not sure what this is in dollars. This is GBP.

I would check that the agent is MARA registered, you can check this through the MARA website, just need to enter their names/business name and registration number, and then go from there.

Remember also that it is an expensive process as it is, so there is no need to spend a lot of money on an agent as yes, they help and guide you, but a lot of it I have learned I could find out and do myself. I think it is later down the line when it comes to EOI and lodging visas that maybe I will see the benefits of what I am paying now!

Their services include sending me links to everything I need (skills assessment/English test etc, and then they are on hand to call for questions and queries). 

Good luck with everything!

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HI LK 007

From your question it is unclear if the prices you mention are inclusive of exclusive of the Visa Application Charge (VAC). If it's exclusive, the range you mention is about right. I would say $10k is a base line for a straight forward application. The cost increases form there depending on several factors but mainly the complexity of the case. One thing you should consider very carefully is that assisting you lodge a high quality visa application is just the start. You should be looking for an agent who can also help you with all the other aspects required of business migration. At this point in time with Covid 19 impacting everything, you need to have a strategy around maximising your chances of receiving a nomination from your preferred State. I specialise in Business Visas and could give you the names of a couple of other RMA's who are very experienced in this area whose charges are very reasonable.

Let me know if you have any further questions.

Steve Elliott

MARN 1804671

Steve Elliott

Registered Migration Agent (MARN 1804671)

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For those seeking a 188A visa there can be tax planning/compliance issues to consider as well as visa strategy.

A small number of advisors are across both aspects - if you want a joined up perspective maybe seek out such a person?

Best regards.

Managing Director, Go Matilda Visas - www.gomatilda.com

Registered Migration Agent Number 0102534; Registered Tax Agent (Australia)

Chartered Accountant (UK, and Australia)

T - 023 81 66 11 55 (UK) or 03 9935 2929 (Australia)

E - alan.collett@gomatilda.com and acollett@bdhtax.com

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