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Entering Australia whilst waiting for 309 outcome

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Hi all,

I applied for a 309 in December 2019 - still awaiting the outcome.

My G/F has Australian PR & living with me in London currently. She wants to go back soon, maybe in the next 2 months. Im pretty certain my 309 will not be processed by then, so Im looking at applying for a visitor visa and flying back with her, we have enough funds to support ourselves there whilst i wait for my visa outcome 

I have questions/concerns around filling in the exemption form. The form asks for my partners country of Residence, should i put UK or Australia here? She's living in the UK for past 2 years, i find the question strange, if i put UK will they reject it as she's currently not in Australia for me claim i need to enter to visit her? We were planning on flying back together but now i'm wondering if she should go first then i later? 

I am no doubt overthinking this whole process! If anyone else has gone through it please id like some advice! Cheers! Jack


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Her current country of residence is UK and you are living together. That is important. 
she will need to show intent to return and settle in Australia to meet that requirement. 
refusals are high on partner visas and you do need to supply sufficient evidence to support your claims over the period you are claiming. Don’t underestimate the evidence requirement. 
Even people who are married need to evidence their relationship fully. 
If you are in doubt then getting a registered agent to appraise your application might be a good investment. If the visa is refused then you lose the application fee. 

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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