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Migration agent and citizenship - is it worth it?

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Hi all,

as the title says, my MA who looked after my visas up until my PR was granted has sent me an offer to process my citizenship application. The fee seems reasonable but I was wandering if it’s really necessary to pay someone for this type of application. The reason I ask is because after looking at the DOHA website I am under the impression that this is a much easier process compared to a visa application.

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No. It is a very easy process. I did me and my wife’s application in about 45 minutes. And that was after a glass or five one weekend 

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Posted (edited)

If you have a copy of your PR application to hand it's an absolute breeze. Plus, even if you didn't have all the info available for quick reference, there's no complexity like there can be with visas. It's pretty black and white if you meet the criteria!

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Journey complete 🙂 thanks to everyone on Pomsinoz for making the last 7 years of Australian immigration more bearable!

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Definitely do it yourself as it’s basically inputting personal information either on paper form or online application . I personally found the paper application to be easier than the online application and others I know did too , it’s worth downloading the paper application to have  a read through , especially the notes sections before applying on line as it gives you a heads up on what info is needed . Just  make sure you have full birth certificates for all applicants before applying as short copies will not be accepted . The citizenship test is pretty straight forward too , you can apply for a free copy of the common bond booklet from the website which has test questions in and there are many free online citizen tests if you want further practice . I used both and felt both helped . The waiting time for citizens tests at the moment I believe have been put on hold due to COVID. 19  , but the ceremonies are still going ahead which I believe are going ahead online which may reduce the backlog of awaiting ceremonies . This may prove to be a good thing for all new applicants as once you finally get your test they may not be as long a wait for your ceremony 😀

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