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Citizenship application "Received". Do I now have a long wait?

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I was very happy to be able to submit my citizenship application a couple of weeks ago. It now shows up in my ImmiAccount with status Receieved.

From the ImmiAccount documentation, I know that my application now has a few states through which to transition, as per the attached image. Should I expect to wait a few months before seeing any changes in the application status?


Application status.png

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If no further information is required, the next step will be an appointment for your interview & test.

No way of knowing exactly, but current processing times shown below. 'application to decision' is the first of the steps indicated in the table, but this takes in to account the test/interview and waiting for decision. All going well, a rough estimate would be anywhere from 3-12 months from application to test invite. Apologies there's no more accurate information or predication that can really be provided.

Refer: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/citizenship/citizenship-processing-times



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