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Some PR advice

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Hoping someone can help. I’ve been with my employer on a 457 visa for 2.5 years. Im looking at the prospect of PR but still unsure where my future lies whether it be here or back in the U.K. so, two questions...

- if I was to leave for 6 months and decide to return, providing I could find a sponsor, could I look at getting my PR - if it helps, I work in regional qld. 

- alternatively, I may stick it out and get my visa before returning for 6 months - does anyone have any rough idea of processing times atm? 

any help, advice or guidance is greatly appreciated

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Hey mate, 

Its a very simple answer, stick it out buddy. get ya PR if your current company is offering it and then go back for a long holiday! 


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If you obtain employer sponsored PR the consequences of leaving the employer will depend to some extent on which particular visa you obtain. If it is a 187, then the PR visa would be cancelled as it has an obligation to stay with the sponsor for two years after grant. If it is a 186, then there is still a risk of it occurring. 

Have you looked to see if you are eligible for applying for a PR visa that has nothing to do with your employer such as a 190? 

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