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Bridging visa A timescale

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I have applied for a Bridging Visa A while I am in Australia, whilst I am awaiting for my off shore 309 visa to be processed. 
Does anyone have any ideas of how long it takes to get processed and assessed.

Also, does this mean that I can stay in Australia whilst my 309 visa is being processed. As I am only on a 651 visa currently, which only allows me to stay in Oz for 3 months at a time. Which is why I applied for the bridging visa, as I can’t currently fly out of Oz at the moment. 

Any help would be much appreciated. 

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This is not a simple question ... have you taken professional advice?


Paul Hand

Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1801974

SunCoast Migration Ltd

All comments are general in nature and do not constitute legal or migration advice. Comments may not be applicable or appropriate to your specific situation. Any comments relate to legislation and policy at date of post. 

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Hi @paulhand,

I haven’t taken any professional advice yet. Do you have any idea on what ball park figure this advice could or should cost to get?

kind regards

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