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887 Visa offshore Family

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Hi I have 489 visa right. I have almost completed 02 years stay and one year full time work. Now I have to apply for 887 visa next month. I am in Australia but my wife and kids are struck overseas due to covid 19 crises and travel restrictions.

Our 489 visa will be expiring on 02 Nov 2021.

Can somebody please help me regarding following queries:

1) If I submit 887 visa for myself, can I add my dependent subsequent family members for 887 visa later on, when they are able to travel to Australia?

2) what will be the effect on our application, if I submit 887 only for myself at this stage?

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Secondary 187 applicants must make a combined application with the primary applicant and must be in Australia for a visa grant,

May I suggest that you consult a registered migration agent for advice about strategy?

Westly Russell Registered Migration Agent 0316072 www.pinoyau.com

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