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Any advice would be massively appreciated!

We are in the process of packing up our house in the UK and getting it shipped to Perth. 
My husband is a diesel mechanic and has been for 15 years- he has a huge collection of tools and his tool box. He’s spent weeks cleaning them all but we are now not sure what to do with insuring them for the shipment. Should each tool be listed individually and should we cost each one or should just a general total for the whole tool box? He stated listing each tool on a spreadsheet today- 8 hours in and he’s only on box 4 out of 11 so if there is an easier way we would love to hear it!! 

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I just took a photo of all mine laid out when cleaning just to prove I had one.

get independent insurance and they just ask for lump sum. I don’t think Letton Percival insure trade tools but insure your move do. 

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