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It look like im heading to melbourne

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After the worst Interview I ever been to(They not even looked at my Resume as they call it here lol and she they tells me I had no experience in the field i applied in very humoured by the waste of travelling an the cost i really wanted to say are you stupid or blind for that matter the whole interview lasted 5mins i went back to the Agency who got me the interview and told they i wasn't hugely impressed of the time and money this has cost me to there reply we didnt know that.) After telling the other half she really couldn't believe it being an aussie her self she throught i was having a laugh but after elling her i wasn't. She has decided we are heading to Melbourne. Can any one tell me what the price of rent down that way and what areas to avoid?

Even through i love where I'm living i can't believe how uninternational and out of touch Brisbane really is I would holiday here and everything but the last 7 weeks have properbly been more frustating then anything even through i continue to have a smile on this cranky face of mine

OMG Geoff your not moving to Melbourne are you lol:unsure:

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