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Credit Card Chargebacks for Insolvency

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I would like to find out about any experiences with claiming back funds on a credit card due to company insolvency.

I recently booked a trip to Lady Elliott Island for myself, my wife and my German relatives that were due to visit in May. Before COVID-19 had a chance to bite, we found out (almost by accident) that the tour company I had booked with had gone into insolvency. We have lodged a claim as creditors but are not hopeful that we will receive anything (probably a few months down the line ion any case).

When we moved to Aus 12 months ago, we had decided not to get a credit card (still have one in the UK) and booked the tour on our bank debit card. We do have travel insurance but it specifically excludes insolvency. We have been told that if we had used a credit card we would have been able to lodge a dispute, but reading the small print I can find on various credit cards, it looks like this would not be covered in any case.

If you have any experience of this or similar I would like to hear from you.


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We were caught up in the BestJet collapse late in 2018. I had bought Singapore Airlines tickets through them with my 28 Degrees credit card, similarly my son had bought Emirates tickets with his CBA debit card. We both claimed a chargeback from our respective card issuers and we were both refunded in full.


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We got one with a visa debit card in the UK.  Not sure if it is the same in Aus though. 

So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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