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489 visa covid-19

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Hi all. I hope everyone is well! I'm sure there are alot of people in this situation and just wondering what people are doing or advise out there.

I am on a 489 I applied for my 887 visa in September but am living in the sunshine coast. Since I moved here in December I have not had any luck getting work because I am not a PR and I don't see me getting one anytime soon. My boyfriend has a full time job since Feb.

We are nervous if he looses his job what to do.

If we went home to Ireland we will breach our visa conditions assuming we will be gone for longer than 6 weeks so would that mean we wont be aloud back into the country when things settle?

Also they have added another 6 months wait time onto the 887 visa timeline, bringing it to 24 months from application to approval

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I've not heard of people having problems getting work on a 489 visa, it is as valid for working as a 190 or 189 and unless you are right at the end of its validity (which is years) then no risk to the employer that you will be forced to leave the country straight away

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