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Plumbing on Subclass 417(working holiday visa)

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Hey guys,

I'm hoping you someone can help me out, i'm a 27 year old newly qualified plumber from the United Kingdom and have recently completed my Level 2 Diploma in Plumbing and Heating and also my NVQ level 2 in Plumbing and Heating (which i believe is the equivalent qualification to Certificate III in Plumbing (CPC32413)) - I have been plumbing for years but recently decided to get qualified.

I have been exploring the option of a one year working visa (subclass 417) to Australia and staying with my uncle who lives in Queensland, and potentially working as a plumber/plumbers assistant during some of this time.

I have however come into a bit of confusion with how the licencing works for people in my situation, I think i'm right in saying that i don't need to take part in the offshore technical skills record (OTSR) as i'm not looking to migrate to Australia - i'm only looking to stay for a year at this point, but am still confused with the process I would have to take so that i could work. I understand that i wouldn't be able to work unsupervised straight away but was wondering what i'd have to do to work under the supervision of someone.

I do understand that i'd need a provisional license to work under the supervision of a fully licensed plumber, and I've got the application form for this, but am still confused with whether i'd need a skills assessment before hand or whether i can apply for the provisional license straight away.

Any clarity in the process would be much appreciated.


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 You wont need any skills tests prior for a WHV . You may find work as an assistant but im pretty sure you can only work for one place for a maximum of 6mths. If you want to try and migrate permanently then have a read through this link, as it will explain what QLD licencing you will need - 



  Cal x

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