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Hey Everyone,

Keen to hear anybodies recent stories and processing times for their 461 NZ Family Relationship visa?

I have a complicated visa history with this...
Firstly, I am American, my husband is NZ citizen. We have been married 3 years, (have 2 children, 2 years old-and 8 months.)

We applied 1st in June 2019, heard back 4 months later that we had to reapply offshore, as we didn't qualify to apply onshore ( was 9 months pregnant when we applied.. so gave birth in AUS.) We left AUS in November 2019.

Myself and our 2 children, are currently in USA waiting to hear back and my husband is in AUS working as we patiently wait. So our family is currently seperated.

 Lodged visa on February 12, 2020.

We received an email saying that all information was provided and that if anything else is needed a case worker would let us not, and that we dont require a case worker to be approved if they have everything.

So i guess we want to know for people who have been successful, and have children, how long it took you? and im assuming im low risk?

Thank you!

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Onshore 461s are taking a very long time (up to 2 years), offshore often less. It’s not clear from what you have posted why you needed to make an offshore application. 


Paul Hand

Registered Migration Agent, MARN 1801974

SunCoast Migration Ltd

All comments are general in nature and do not constitute legal or migration advice. Comments may not be applicable or appropriate to your specific situation. Any comments relate to legislation and policy at date of post. 

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