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Hazel Murray

Medicare (RHCA) pregnancy

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Hi all!

Sorry if this has been asked before. We are moving to Australia in 6 months (I am on Visa 461 and my partner is a NZer on visa 444). We are not pregnant yet but are trying. 

My question is whether I can enter Australia pregnant and register for medicare. (As I understand it I am eligible for medicare under the RHCA).

I am also having trouble finding out what kind of maternity cover I get under RHCA. I may take out private cover but I want to know exactly what I am currently covered for. (Plus I know there is often a 12 month waiting period before you are able to claim).

If anyone else has given birth using RHCA cover please share your experience.  

Thank you,

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Hi Hazel,

I am waiting for my 309/100 visa and am trying to find out the same thing! Hopefully someone will answer soon! 

Applied 17/6/19 no agent

sponsor form completed July 19

front loaded Police Checks for applicant and sponsor November 19

front loaded medical check November 19

RFI Feb 2020.

Grant March 2020

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