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Carter Parker-Burton

Moving back to UK after living in Aus, (NEED HELP)

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Hi all, new to the forum.


So i feel as if i have a relatively unique situation. I was born in Nottingham, England, 5/8/1997. My parents moved to Australia in 2002. We have lived here since. However my partner and I with our young daughter 1 year 8 months have made the decision to move back to England. I am now an Australian citizen, my partner is a New Zealand citizen and our daughter an Australian citizen. My partners mum was born in Birmingham as well just for a little historical context so she has ties to the country also. The questions I then have are as follows:

Am I eligible to obtain a British passport and move back home or do i need to obtain a visa?

What visa will my partner need to obtain? (we arent married)

Who is the best person/company/government office to contact in order to start the process of making the right moves to get home.

Maybe a stab in the dark also but is there any predicted change to this if Brexit passes?

Thank you to anyone who responds, my head is spinning trying to get around all this and i could really do with some pointers!!!!

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Hello there from what i understand you can just apply for a British Passport for youself and daughter. I think your partner would qualify for a visa through her mother given  her mother was born in the UK. As per the above link given will guide you i'm sure.

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All depending on when your partner was born, (after 1983 is good and given your birthdate, most likely) then she, too can just apply for a passport given that her mother is a British born woman. She will need her mother's birth certificate along with her own (and her parents' marriage certificate too if appropriate) - she will be a citizen by descent, as will your daughter (through you, a British born person assuming you are listed on her birth certificate).  Very straightforward on both counts

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You're all British citizens by the sound of it.

As you were born in Britain you're classed as being British 'otherwise than by descent'. 

As your daughter is the child of a British citizen but born abroad she is classed as British 'by descent'.

Similarly your partner also being the child of a British citizen but born abroad is also classed as British 'by descent'. This assumes that your partner was born between 1983 and 2006 - if she wasn't then she's not automatically British but can apply for British citizenship.

All you need to do is apply for British passports for everyone. Here: https://www.gov.uk/overseas-passports No visas required. Easy!

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