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nominated vs independent (nurse)

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So I'm a psych nurse on a 457 in Vic at the moment. My employer will sponsor me for PR. However I'm pretty unhappy at work and would like to leave the organisation (I've been there two and a half years and been promoted twice,but lately not impressed with higher management and my working conditions). There are clearly a lot of options for a 457 sponsorship around Melbourne so finding new employment isn't too tricky it seems.

My 457 expires August 2021. Do you think I have sufficient time to go PR alone before then? If I scrape superior English I should have 85 points for an application; if not, it'll be 75 I think. My age (30) experience (6 years) and relationship (single/no dependents) etc put me in a good spot. Or am I a fool who should stick out my bad employment to get the visa? I really don't want to be indebted to this company bit equally I don't want to blow my chance of PR if I'm unlikely to be invited to apply before my 457 goes. My research gives me mixed messages fow how long this stuff takes.


I have my ANMAC, IELTS in January.


Advice from more seasoned applicants very welcome!


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Yes. Just go for independent PR. This is how we would have recommended you move to Oz in the first place. 

I will just say that visas choices are more subtle and it is money well spent to use a good registered migration agent as there are also a lot of changes just beginning and knowing the best strategy isn't always easy for us mere mortals. 

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Definitely apply for a 189 or 190, you should get an invite before mid 2021.  If you want to hedge your bets you can also ask the employer to start sponsorship for PR.  You are allowed to have more than one application on the go, but the last one granted will stand....so if you get the independent PR first then withdraw the sponsorship pronto.  If on the other hand you get the sponsorship first, just let the PR application run, once granted that will be your visa.

As very stormy said though, a consultation with a good agent may well be worth the money, even if you don’t use them for the actual application they can give you a clear plan.  There are many changes afoot so don’t hang about as options can close down.

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So many wineries ......so little time :yes:

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