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Is PR cancelled once you get citizenship?

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I was certain I’d find the answer to this by searching previous posts,  but haven’t had any luck. I’ll ask the question quite generally so maybe others can find the answer more easily, then I’ll give specific context if it’s unclear.

My question is; When a person with a permanent residency finally gets citizenship (therefore now having dual citizenship for UK & Australia). Is the PR on the existing UK passport now cancelled? Does that person now need an Australian passport to be able to leave/enter Australia? Or can they continue travelling with the UK passport as if they had never got citizenship?


The reason that ask is that I’ve just received citizenship, but now have to quickly leave Australia for a short trip and haven’t had time to get an Australian passport. I’m worried the PR is removed from my existing passport in favour of my citizenship making my UK passport worthless for reentering Australia. Any official articles always say dual citizens must leave/enter using Australian passport.

thanks. Sorry if it’s been asked and I missed it.

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Unlike other countries Australian citizens must enter Australia on an Australian passport. What you’ve read is correct on home affairs. Once you gain citizenship (after attending the official ceremony) your PR is cancelled I believe. It will not show up on whatever passport your PR was previously linked to. 
You won’t have an issue leaving Australia- we traveled on our UK passports recently without issue, but you need the Oz one to get back in. 

 Also you might have an issue with the airline refusing to carry you without holding a valid visa or evidence of citizenship (I.e. passport) but someone else may know more on the intricacies of this. 

Maybe look into a fast track passport application? It’ll cost more but you’ll need it. 
Good luck

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Due to escalating bills and budgetary cuts in the NHS, unfortunately, the light at the end of the tunnel has had to be switched off.

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We got our citizenship 3 days before my husband had to fly to Singapore for work, the Perth office issued his passport within the day, although it was a long day of running around getting documentation and stuff together for him!!

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