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Remortgage UK buy-to-let property whilst living in Aus

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I moved to Aus from UK in 2011 and have been an Aus citizen for few years.

I have a buy-to-let property in the UK that I'm paying way over the odds on interest rate.

Am I able to remortgage whilst in Aus? The last time I tried I was unable to as I had to physically be in the UK.

A quick google search makes me think HSBC would be an option as they have offices in UK and Aus?



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There has been multiple posts on this topic, and the general consensus is that yes, you can get expat BTL mortgages, but these are only a handful, from specialist lenders, with exorbitant fees and higher interest rates. I know as I've tried as well.

HSBC will require you to have a minimum income of GBP 75k pa (not including the rental from the property).

Most people have chosen to remain on their existing mortgages, or have sold.

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I may be too late here... but there is an option to get a BTL mortgage through HSBC and likely Barclays at UK interest rates.  I’ve written an extensive guide in how to do this in 2018 when I remortgaged with HSBC.  

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