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Roof slater & tiler, Pathway E & AQFIII...........

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Hello, (deep breath, and.......) I have been in contact with Silver Trowel (perth) and they fly back and forth to UK assessing roofers (and other trades) with the ultimate goal of getting an AQFIII for prior recognition of skills. Brilliant I thought, then I contacted thinkingaustralia.com ( agents) and they told me that all these companies are jumping on the band waggon to get our money, and are a waste of money. First I thought, rubbish, but then Im thinking, I still need to use them as an agent, regardless. So why so adament it is rubbish? Is she unaware of Pathway E? Is this new? Silver Trowel cost around £2200K, and if this gives me an AQFIII, but TRA dont accept it, whats the point? As anyone got their AQFIII who has been granted their VISA? Or at least been accepted by TRA? Im Pee'd off with all the stress!!! It was expensive enough, but now for the AQF's aswell thats more cash!! As long as it gets me in its well spent. I wanted to get the ball rolling before 1st Sept, as I would expect there to be a flood of applications. Anyway, look forward to posts.... Mark & Family.:nah:

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My views only of course, but I think if you can afford it and can get your references together nice and quick then go for the AQF3 with Silver Trowel. I do think Sept 1st will see a massive influx of applications, that's if the new pathways come in to effect, but no one knows exactly what will happen. I think if Silver Trowel and other similar companies can charge their thousands of pounds to assess for AQF3's and the TRA then turn down your application how on earth can they get away with that? But there's no guarantee of course. We are in the same boat as you but have commited to ACTS to be assessed for our AQF3. If we pass the TRA then it's money well spent for us, if we don't then I will be gunning for full money back!


Who knows? Everything seems a gamble in this emigrating lark! We may even fail the medicals for all we know! But I would rather give it all we've got and wait and see than hang around on a thread!


Good luck with your choices.



Fibrous Plasterer (dryliner) MODL 4412-11 - AQF3/Pathway E TRA sent 8/4/09 passed 6/5/09 - 175 visa lodged 2/6/09 - Medicals received 4/4/11 - Police checks uploaded 3/11 - More work evidence sent 14/6/11 - APPROVED 16/6/11

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