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Change in ACS assessment: Software Engineer 261313 to ICT BA 261111

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Hi all,

My old positive ACS assessment which was for Software Engineer 261313 is now expired. Meanwhile, I have got 482 TSS and currently working in Australia and while lodging the application for 482 the consultant lodged my profile as ICT BA 261111.

Now, I want to again apply for ACS, please let me know for which code shall I again apply. ICT BA or SE?

Question2: if now I apply for ACS with BA code then can ACS change my previous exp or skill from SE to BA. I will get points for SE or BA in-case I apply for 189/190.

Also, My employer is going to provide sponsorship for 186 ENS visa and for that I should have an active assessment.  Please let me know what will be the result of my assessment if I can re-apply for assessment and change the code.

Visa: 186 DE

Occupation:  Software Engineer 261313

Country: IN

Nomination and Visa applied: 31Jan 2020

Nomination approved: 4th March 2020

Status on 31st Jan : received 

status on 4th March:  Initial assessment 

Medical completed on 12th March.

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