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Primary school catchment

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Is it true that if you live in a catchment  the primary school has an obligation to find a place for your child?? 


We are looking at moving to a certain town and want our child to go to a particular state primary school. We don't want to commit to a house etc before we know she can go to that school. 


We have emailed the school but they haven't responded. We need to start to make plans as I start work in january! 


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Most people book short term accommodation for a few weeks, so if you are doing the same it may be worth popping into the school and speaking to them. Alternatively have a late night and give them a call if your emails are going unanswered.

 The only schools i am aware of who have said ''sorry we are full'' are the private schools. 

Cal x

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Yes, gov schools have a catchment area where they are obliged to find a place for a child living within their boundary - I can think of a couple of examples in ACT where there is a specialist program that isn't residence related but that's made very clear on their Websites. In very general terms, though, yes if you live in catchment you are guaranteed a place but  be sure to check the boundary, it's often on the school or Dept of  Ed website if you look hard enough or any follow up email could ask them to send you a map of the catchment area - there are city /suburban schools where the boundary can go down the middle of the road so kids on one side of the street go to  one school and across the road they go to a different school. The school probably won't be interested until you've got an address they can work with. 

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