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My work commencement date with my current employer is 3rd  April 2017. So as per my job contract I’ve completed the 2 year period with my current employer in 3rd April 2019.
I had received the RSMS 187 visa grant on 2nd of November 2018. 
My Employer is finding it difficult to manage the work place. ( He is based on a another location which is 2 hours from my place of practice). So he wants another manager to take over the work over and wants me to relocate to the main head office. The head office is also based in a regional location. 
I’m not in favour of this relocation as it means I would have to take a pay cut and demotion from the existing position which was stated in my contract. 
The new place of work and the job position is different to the nominated position and location that I have obtained my RSMS 187 visa for. 
So if I want to change my job and work with another employer, would my Visa be affected ?
What implications would I have to bear, if I change my job and my current employer reports this change to the immigration ?
Feeling stressed about the whole situation. Any advise would be really helpful.
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