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Hi there my name is Damian, and my fiancé and I are about to start about PMV application.  I am have an issue as I am based in Dubai and he is in Brazil?  Do you think this will impact on our application as I am not in Australia?
Do you think we have enough evidence so far to start our application?
We have compiled all our joint evidence in .pdf and .doc files:
  • History and evidence of our relationship - photos and statements from meeting up until present day
  • Evidence of Travel (bookings, e-tickets, accommodations, boarding passes)
  • Joint travel photos of 2018 and 2019
  • Joint social evidence - photos and social event evidence, friends, parties, getaways
  • Nature of commitment - evidence of proposal, rings, relationship certificate, stable union
  • Evidence of joint bank accounts in Australia - and how we financially support each other
  • Do I need to be in Australia when we proceed with this application, or will it make no difference if I am still in Dubai awaiting the outcome? I am particularly concerned that the Case Officer will find this unfavourable and also if Freddie is in Brazil.
  • We have registered our relationship in South Australia, and performed a stable Union (similar to registering a relationship) in Brazil - will this help as evidence?
  • Freddie is adopted, and only has his mother on his birth certificate.  Does she count as his only parent?  Or can he include his adopted (unofficial) father.  Freddie also has blood siblings, but they are not his “legal” siblings.  Do we include them?
  • Form 888s.  I have two from my parents.  Can witnesses in Brazil use these, or do they make a separate statement?  Should they be officially certified and translate them?  Can we translate them and have them witnessed?  They say they require 2, but the more the better?
  • Do all documents that are evidence need to be certified?  Or only official documents?
  • Do we need to apply for a Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM) before the application? Can this be done later on in the application or at the Case Officers request?
  • Does the same apply to the police certificate and medical?  Should Freddie wait until asked or do ASAP?  Translated and certified?
  • Is there anything in particular we should not forget to mention in the statements in the four pillars of the relationship, Financial Aspects, Commitment, Development, Social, etc.
  • I don’t believe we require an interpreter, although Freddie has a good command of English - is it acceptable for me to oversee and correct the application for him from his point of view?

We can prove in timeline format of when we have visited each other.

Work trips to Brazil:
Work trip 1  -  26-30 April 2018. 
Work trip 2  -  19-23 October 2018.  Freddie accompanied me to Buenos Aires.
Work trip 3  -  25-29 November 2018. 
Work trip 4 - 6-8 March 2019 - (São Paulo) Freddie accompanied me from Dubai
Work trip 5  - 11-16 May 2019
Work trip 6 - 4-11 June 2019
Work trip 7 - December 2019 (future schedule)
Work trip 8 - January 2020 (future schedule)
Damian’s leisure trips to Brazil:
1-7 July 2018
22-28 February 2019 - Freddie came back to Dubai with me 
23-31 May 2019
Freddie’s leisure trips to Dubai:
12-24 November 2018 - Freddie went via Madrid, Spain and I managed to change my work schedule met him there.  I also sent 24 hours with him again in Madrid on his way back to Brazil.
28 February - 6 March 2019 - Freddie came back to Dubai with me.
23 March - 14 April 2019
8-22 September 2019
October 2019 (future travel pans)
Thank you for your advice!

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