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How early?

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Hi everybody.

I am just on the verge of putting my visa application in, so still have a little bit of a wait before any outcome.

I was just wondering when most people started making contact with removal companies for quotes? And were there any long waits from first contact to getting a date for removal?

My plan is, once I (hopefully) receive a visa, to hand in notice at work (5 weeks) and make contact with removals to move in my last couple of days - would 5 weeks be enough time for visits/quotes, and to make arrangements for packing up and shipping out? 

I won't be taking much, if any, furniture with me, just a whole lot of clothes, books, a couple of electronics and some sentimental things.

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I would think 5 weeks would be fine. If you are worried you could contact them a couple of weeks earlier but they are pretty efficient.

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