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Hi everyone,

I'm looking for the Visa 489 in the NSW South Coast and I have a bit concern about job opportunities in this area, I'm a computer programmer and my wife is a fitness trainer. I've checked some websites such as seek.com and indeed.com but I couldn't find a considerable number of related job opportunities.

I really appreciate if anyone lives or work there, explain to me about these topics:

1) Where's the best town in this area in terms of facilities and job opportunities, is it the Nowra or somewhere else?

2) Which sorts of jobs we can find? Is there any chance to find a related job or we have to do casual jobs?

3) which cities are in the area of Visa 489? can I work in the Illawarra or Wollongong?

4) what're the procedures of release letter?



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Software development job in Nowra? I'm sorry, but that's pretty much non-existent. Your next best opportunities will be in Wollongong metro area, but it's a long commute from Nowra.

The condition for 489 means you have to live in regional areas. Unfortunately, the vast majority of software development jobs only exist in the area where you can't live: the Wollongong - Sydney - Newcastle metro area.

Can you find software development jobs in the regional areas? Of course, you can, but it's not going to be easy and you may have to move around. You may get lucky at Byron Bay actually, there are a few IT companies setting up shop up there. But I would try to secure jobs before moving, we don't know how good you are or if your skillset is relevant. This is why the capital cities are the best for people like us (I'm also a software developer).

Another option is to do what I do, I work fully remote. So I can live wherever there is a fast internet connection.



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Dear Anolo,

Thanks for your replay ... Yes of course the capital cities are better than these small towns ... I really like to get Visa 190 but unfortunately the Visa condition for 189 or 190 is very tough! Actually we have to 😞

In addition, I have doubt that we can live in regional and work remotely at outside like Wollongong  ... is it legal according to Visa 489? and is it count as a one year job condition of the Visa 489?

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Very few jobs in nowra. Its a small town. As for where to live there, avoid nowra itself and look at the surroundings - huskisson/vincentia callala bay/culburra , berry, sussex inlet. The area has the nicest beaches and a great lifestyle...if you can find work! Its a popular holiday destination for the sydneysiders

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On 27/07/2019 at 08:10, Anolo Lohgun said:

Good question, sorry not sure if you are allowed to work remotely under 489. Not a migration agent 🙂



If your contract says you are employed from home then that is fine. If it says you are employed from Sydney and are able to work 100% from home then it isn't fine. 

It is all to do with were you are contracted to, not where you actually work.

There is a reason why programmer is relatively easy to get on a 491 and an absolute nightmare on 190/189 - it's because AUS is churning out loads of their own qualified IT staff and they all hot-foot it to the cities as soon as they leave UNI - leaving the regional areas devoid of those skills. Of course it's equally true that because no one has quals in those areas companies don't setup there and so the vicious circle grows...

If you have to go for a 491 regional look at local councils etc. They always need IT programmers and they have a high turnover because once the person in post gets experience they go off to the big city to earn their fortune. It won't pay as well but it will be somewhere to ride out the 3-5 years while you wait for PR

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