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What to do about a pending newborn? Subclass 309/100, sponsor/parent is Australian by descent...

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Hi all, looking for some advice/confirmation of what we believe to be the correct process please!

What to do about a pending newborn? Subclass 309/100, sponsor/parent is Australian by descent...

For context: my husband is applying for the 309/100 partner visa. I am the sponsor. I am an Australian citizen by descent and, as yet, have not spent more than 2 years resident in Australia, although my parents (both Australian citizens) have been back over continuously for c.14 years.  We have recently submitted the partner visa application for my husband, via London, UK; the complicating factor is that he and I are also expecting our first baby in November. 

We think the 309/100 visa is unlikely to be granted prior to the baby's arrival! (currently processing timescales are pretty lengthy)

SO! We think the process would be to complete the 1022 form (change in circumstances) as soon as the baby arrives, and append this to my husband's 309/100 application.

Our understanding is that the baby will not be eligible for citizenship by descent from me (due to lack of residency time) and would have to go on my husband's visa.

As the baby would be a newborn, it seems as though this should not affect the visa cost - but this is not clear anywhere, so any confirmation/advice here would be appreciated.

Is some/all of the above correct? 

What would happen if (miraculously) we were to be granted his visa prior to the birth? 

Grateful for any responses! Thanks, K.


309/100 submitted 19 July 2019 front loaded no agent


309/100 submitted July 2019 front loaded no agent

Applicant police checks completed pre-application, June 2019; sponsor police checks July 2019

Medical August 2019

RFI February 2020 

RFI September 2020

Grant of both 309/100 October 2020

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