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Jimmy M

UK to Vic Drivers License

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Morning all,

I'm looking to get my Vic licence but am concerned as i have some points on my UK licence and not sure if they get transferred over to the new Vic one.

Anyone had experience with this?

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Hi, as a U.K. Driving license holder I believe you won't have to take a test , but only require to make an appointment at VIC ROADS department. Can't find anything on line regards penalty points thou.

17/9/15 lodged 143,  25/9/15 first payment,   05/7/19 documents requested 

13/7/19 police checks submitted ,  17/7/19 Form 80 submitted

19/7/19 Medical attended, 22/7/19 AOS submitted. 25/7/19 Police check and medical cleared.

26/8/19 AOS paid to Com Bank.   20/9/19 AOS accepted.

4/10/19 request for 2nd payment. 

7/10/19 VISA GRATED. 50 months 

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Nope - they dont get recognised or transferred. Just make an appointment and bring all the paperwork along.

Takes all of 30 minutes

IELTS 08/06/13: 9.0. - ACS Assessment: 02/08/13. Result 13/11/13. VIC SS 20/11/13. EOI 20/11/13. VIC SS Resubmitted 20/06/14, Approved 02/07/14. Visa Application (190) 14/07/14. CO assigned, Meds/PCC requested 27/08/14. Granted 24/10/14!! Activated 31/03/15. Arrival 27/08/15.Citizenship Applied 17/04/2019,  Test confirmed 09/07/2019 for 15/12/2019, Online invite 05/06/2020. Ceremony 18/06/2020

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